notation based on the specific commercial law

Based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, we will clearly indicate as follows.

Corporate nameNeuest LLC
LocationNiigata Prefecture Niigata City Chuo-ku Minamidekijima 2-chome 12-19
Telephone number025-250-7093
DirectorYosuke Sato
Contact usPlease use the inquiry form on this website.
Sales priceBased on the price displayed on the page for each service.
Additional FeesRegarding the communication environment, etc. necessary for the provision of services, please prepare it at your own expense and responsibility.
Consumption tax is included in the selling price.
Timing of Service ProvisionGenerally, as soon as your order is confirmed, it will be offered on the same day.

*However, please note that it may take longer than usual due to inadequacies in the content and capacity, etc. of the requested data, or due to circumstances such as the communication environment. In addition, in order to provide smooth services, we may ask you questions about the requested data, so we ask for your cooperation.

How to payCredit Card Payment (Stripe)
We will use “Stripe”, a payment system provided by Stripe Japan K.K. (Stripe). Stripe’s Terms of Use, timing of withdrawal, and other matters relating to Stripe are governed by the terms and conditions set forth by Stripe.
Payment periodIt will be the date of withdrawal of your credit card company.
Order application expiration dateThe validity period is 7 days. If there is no payment after 7 days, the order will be invalidated.
Cancellations and refundsPlease note that this service does not accept any cancellation or refund due to its nature.
Supported communication environmentsIn order to provide this service, a PC environment with an Internet connection is required.