About Us

Company Name: Neuest Llc (NEUEST LLC.)
Founded: April 13, 2020
Head Office: 2-12-19 Minami-Kajima, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata
Capital: 2 million yen
Founder: Yosuke Sarattan (Doctor, Doctor of Medicine)
Services: Design, development and provision of medical and healthcare software, hardware and medical devices / Design ideas for medical research, data analysis/ medical consultants, etc.


Corporate philosophy


Based on the latest and most advanced knowledge and ideas, we are committed to bringing innovation and new value to the healthcare and healthcare areas.

Overview of the business

Our main business is to design, develop, and provide medical and healthcare software, hardware, and medical devices.We also aim to contribute widely to the idea of design, data analysis, and medical consultants related to medical research.


Our Business Vision

Information and innovation in the healthcare and healthcare areas are constantly fluid, and new evidence and thinking-based research is essential.With the motto of always being "up-to-date and advanced," we aim to develop business that will maximize the future, universality, and profitability in all aspects.

Contact: info@neuest.co.jp